What is JavaScript?

What is JavaScript?

Javascript is a programming language and used to make web pages interactive.
A programming language is a language to communicate with computers.
By communicating I mean you tell the computer to do something by writing code. A person who uses programming languages to command computers is called a programmer and/or developer.
There are many different programming languages for different uses.
Javascript is used to make websites dynamic, create browser games and much more. You will learn about it more as you learn Javascript.

What do you need to get started with Javascript?

Just like with HTML and CSS you need a text editor. A text editor is a special software to write code. Also you should know basics of HTML and CSS because Javascript is used with them all the time.
Let me make a list so it will be easier. So basically knowing the following will make your Javascript journey easier.

  • A computer
  • Knowing how to use your computer ( makes your programming life easier)
  • HTML & CSS
  • Arithmetic and if you know (algebra is a plus for yourself)

Text Editors

For text editors you can pick one of these

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