What are materials?

What are materials?

Everything in this world is made of something. The things that we use every day are made of different materials.
Metal, plastic, wood, glass, ceramics are just some of the materials we use to make the things that surround us. Let’s look at the objects around us and find what they are made of.


Wood can be used to make:

tables, chairs, spoons, pencils, doors, floors, and more…

Wooden materials, tables, doors, pencils, spoons

An object or material has different properties. A property of an object can tell you how it looks, feels, tastes, or smells. Some are heavy, cold, shiny, light or make a ringing noise when banged together.

Metal or Iron

Metal can be used to make:

forks, knives, spoons, keys, hummers, buckets and more..

Metal or Iron materials. Spoons,keys,hummers,buckets.


Plastic can be used to make:

plastic bottles, toys, spoons, plates, plastic cups or glass or even a Barbie.

Plastic Material. Plastic bottles, plastic toys, plastic plates.
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