Subject Pronouns in English

Hello! Welcome to lesson four. In this lesson we will learn subject Pronouns in English.So let's start.

What is a subject pronoun?
A subject pronoun is a word that replaces a noun. The word “pronoun” comes from the Latin word “pronomen” which breaks down onto “pro” and “nomen.” They mean “in place of” and “name.”
The benefits of Pronouns is that,they help us avoid repeating names. When you were talking about someone, you would have to keep repeating their name over and over.

We Use subject pronouns instead of nouns. Well what is a noun ?
A noun is a name. Nouns represent people, places, animals, things , ideas and emotions. Nouns can be singular or plural.
for example :
" A dog " - (is singular and means one dog)
"two dogs" - (are plural and means more than one dog)
Remember :
Singular = means one (1)
Plural = means more than one (2 , 3 or many )
We will learn more about nouns later on.

So subject pronouns have also singular and plural forms. Because, we use them instead of nouns.Look at this picture.

picture of singular and plural pronouns

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Subject Pronouns-Example sentences:

I am a student.
I am 16 years old.
I am from Istanbul.

You - singular
You are a student.
You are 10 years old.
You are reading this text.

He - is only used for boys or men.
He is my friend.
He is from London.
He is a math lover.

She - is only used for girls or women.
She is my English teacher.
She likes her students.
She is always happy.

It - is only used for things,objects and animals .(But for animals if you know the gender of the animal.You can use he or she.)
It is a backpack.
It is small.
It is violet.

We - is plural (more than one. 2, 3 , 4 or many)
We are students.
We speak English.
We are good friends.

You - plural form
You are happy.
You like each other.
You are good friends.

They are playing football / soccer.
They are my friends.
They are Jason and Lia Sue.

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