The seasons of the year

Hello! Welcome to lesson three. In this lesson, we are going to learn the seasons of the year. So let's start.

Part one

The four seasons

There are four seasons in a year and they are:
1. Spring
2. Summer
3. Autumn / Fall
4. Winter

Number Season name Months
1 Spring March, April, May
2 Summer June, July, August
3 Autumn or Fall September, October, November
4 Winter December, January, February

Remember that the seasons of the year in English are not written with capital letters. The names of the seasons are considered common nouns, not proper nouns. But there are some rules and cases when it can be written in capitals.

Prepositions of time
We use the word ' in ' for seasons. For example: In Egypt, it isn't as cold as in Germany in the winter

Part two

1. Spring
Spring is warm. It is the flowering season. The flowers begin to bloom. During springtime, the days become longer, the sun shines stronger. I love going on a picnic in spring. Also, it might be windy and rainy sometimes.

2. Summer
In the summer, the days are longer and the sun shines brightly. Summertime is the hottest season of the year. The skies are clear and blue. In summer people usually, go to the beach. Since the weather is hot and almost all the days are sunny. During this time of the year, the trees are full of green leaves. Everyone love summer vacations or holidays.

3. Autumn or Fall (In American English it's called ' fall ')
Fall isn't cool as summer. But it's beautiful when the leaves from the trees start to fall. The leaves die in this season. Fall also is known as the season of harvest. When autumn comes the days become shorter each day. And it gets a little cold every day.

4. Winter
Winter is cold, or the coldest time of the year. The days are short and nights are long. Most people hate winter. It snows a lot in winter in some places but it is also rainy sometimes, and cold wind. People love making snowmen in the winter. As wintertime is known as a cold season, it's the perfect time for winter sports lovers. While some other people prefer a warm place and a hot tea or drink with a good book.

Vocabulary for the seasons of the year

sunny, rainy, stormy, snowy, cloudy
cold, cloud, son, rain, snow, wind

Example short sentences with the seasons of the year

1. spring
I love spring.
It's spring.
Where I live isn't spring yet. But soon it'll be spring.
He moved to my place last spring.
Have you ever been to Istanbul in spring? Tulip is the symbol of Istanbul.

2. Summer
Do you like summer?
Summer is over in Tokyo.
I swim almost every day in the summer.
We went to Thailand last summer. It was beautiful.

3. Autumn or fall
leaves fall in the autumn, from the trees.
Autumn is known as fall in American English.
The students go back to school in autumn.

I hate the winter. Winters are never warm in my hometown.
You feel each cell of your body in the winter. It's that cold.

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