Grammar - Lesson two


What is a noun?

The word noun comes from the Latin word ' nomen ' which means ' name '. Every language has words that are nouns. Nouns are part of speech. A noun is basically anything you can touch, see, hold, feel, hear or think. Basically, it's anything. There are different types of nouns. But in these lessons, we are going to learn only these nouns called:

1. Proper and Common Nouns
2. Concrete and Abstract Nouns
3. Plural and Singular Nouns
4. Countable and Uncountable Nouns

Common and Proper nouns

Common nouns

Nouns can be categorized as common and proper nouns.
Common nouns are nouns that name general people, places, things or ideas that are not specific. And they do not start with a capital letter. Unless they begin a sentence.
example words:
boy, girl, door, wall, school, baby, book, state, continent etc...

I'm reading a good book.
Our team won the game.
She opened the door.
The car is slow and very old.

Proper nouns

Proper nouns name specific people, places, things, and ideas. A proper noun is the name of something or someone specific. Thus always starts with a capital letter. Belongs to a particular thing, place, person or idea.

example words:
Berlin, India, Barack Obama, The United States, Ethan
Sara, John, Europe, Ali etc.

I went to Berlin.
She is from Japan.
Tom Cruise is an actor.
This baby's name is Ethan.
The Secret Garden is a good book.

Look at this table

General or Common Nouns Specific or Proper Nouns
country Indonesia
actor Bradd Pitt
president Barack Obama
continent Europe
month November
sister Sara
day Monday
state Michigan
mom Angela (your mom's name?)
company Google
city Istanbul

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