The months of the year

Hello! Welcome to lesson two. In this lesson we are going to learn the months of the year.So let's start.

Part one -

The order of the months

There are twelve months in a year and they begin with January.

# month name days in each month
1. January 31 days
2. February 28 days (common year)
29 days (leap year*)
3. March 31 days
4. April 31 days
5. May 31 days
6. June 30 days
7. July 31 days
8. August 31 days
9. September 30 days
10. October 31 days
11. November 30 days
12. December 31 days

Remember that the months of the year in English start with a capital letter-(big letter). Like this
January (correct)
january (incorrect)

November (correct)
november (incorrect)

1 year = 12 months, which we just learned.
1 month = 31 days or 30 days or 28 days depending on the months. or 28 days.Once 29 days in four years.
a common year has 365 days and a leap is has 366 days.Leap year occures every 4 years.

Watch this video on Youtube to learn more in deailts, about leap and common years.

Part two

Example sentences

January is the first month of the year.
January is usually the coldest month.
I met Lia Sue this February.

A year has twelve months.
We go to school in september.
The months that I like the most are June , July and August.
He spent six months in a coma.

February 14th is Valentine's Day.
I'll be 27 in February.
March is the third month of the year.
She made an official visit to Berlin in March.
Today is April Fool's day.
April comes after March.
Robert Pattinson was born on 13th May.
The next month is November.
October is the tenth month of the year.
This will be my last October in Japan.
I started my trip early in December.
July is the seventh month of the year.
What is it like in China during July ?
Fifteen reasons Agust is the best month of summer.
Where is hot in June?
How hot is June ?
Where to go on holiday in September?
I am planning a week trip in December.

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