The days of the week

Hello! Welcome to lesson one. In this lesson we will learn the days of the week.So let's get started.

Part one

Before we talk about the days of the week.let's talk about what we mean by saying 'a day' ?

Well a day is 24 hours or a daytime and a night.That's how we define a day.But in the 21st century everything defined by time,specifically hours.So let's stick with time for now.
a day = 24 hours
1 hour = 60 minutes
1 minute = 60 seconds
If you ask what 60 seconds equal to ?? It's when you count from 1 to 60.That's what 60 seconds mean.

Part two

The difference between English and other languages

In English,the order of the days on the calendar begins with Sunday like that

Sunday (is the first day of the week)
Monday (is the second day of the week)
Tuesday ( is the third day of the week)
Wednesday (is the fourth day of the week)
Thursday (is the fifth day of the week)
Friday (is the sixth day of the week)
Saturday (is the seventh day of the week)

But in some languages monday is the first day and sunday is the last day of the week.

We also have Weekdays and Weekends

Weekdays are the days that we all work or go to school
Everyone hates mondays :)


Weekends are the holydays.We usually don't go to school or work.


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