School supplies or school objects in English

Hello! Welcome to lesson six. In this lesson we are going to learn about school supplies or objects,using different sentences. So let's start.

Here are the lists of classroom objects

The name of school supplies

  • pen
  • pencil
  • eraser
  • ruler
  • book
  • notebook
  • scissors
  • chair
  • desk
  • bag
  • glue
  • crayon
  • marker
  • pencil case
  • paper
  • paper clip
  • stapler
  • earth globe
  • tape
  • clock
  • calendar
  • computer
  • calculator
  • board
  • chalk
  • file folder
  • lunch box
  • highlighter
  • dictionary
  • binder
  • watercolor (paints)
  • backpack (school bag)
  • cutter
  • hole puncher
  • microscope
  • compass
  • protractor

Some other words related to school

  • school bus
  • classroom
  • paints
  • set square
  • teacher
  • student
  • pupil (a child student)
  • professor

Some example sentences with classroom objects in the classroom.

I read my books every day.
I take notes from the lessons and write them down on my notebook.
I use my glue to stick the papers together.
It's his tape.He can put them with it.
Is this your pencil case? No, it's yours. They are just the same color.
What is in your pencil case?
Hmm...These are my pencils and pen in it. I like to write and draw a lot.
It's her eraser. She can erase with it and write or draw again. If she makes mistakes or changes her mind.
In painting class, we color and cut papers with scissors.
Today my classmate Jane, forgot her sharpener at home. And she asked me if she could borrow mine for a few seconds.
I have a light green highlighter and I love to highlight with it. Because I love this color.
Selma Violette told me that mental math is better than a calculator but she uses a calculator herself to calculate and solve math problems.
Do you have a paper? I forgot today we have a painting class.

A short story from the life of a little student, many many years ago from the wonderland.

When I was younger at that time wasn't so many technologies or even electricity in my country. So when evenings we had to study our lessons for school. We had to lit a candle and surround it with my sisters to read the book for the subject or study together. But we were happy to study together. Even without technology or electricity. We thought that we were lucky to have that light from a candle. But it wasn't only light, it also kept us warm. In that cold winter. While we were freezing from the cold. My sister created math games just by using her pencil, ruler and a white paper. The games that she created were so creative and interesting. My little sister and I forgot about the cold and freezing room. School supplies or school objects were her tools to create games. Her curiosity and puzzles helped me improve my skills and I was successful at school because of her. When I read a book. First I looked at the pictures and then read the book but my sister always said "First read the book and then look at the pictures! " to me. But I couldn't do so because of having an artistic mind. I loved drawing. I could not live a day without drawing. When I drew the geometrical shapes of the universe amazed me. But in time I learned how to read as my sister did.

a Story by Firdavsi A..

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