To be - negative form - in simple tense

Hello! Welcome to lesson six.In this lesson,we are going to learn the verb "to be - negative" in the present tense.So Let's start.

To make the verb be negative, just add the word not after 'am , is , are ' = (to be ).
For example:
I am a student. (+) It is a positive sentence.
Now let's make it negative.
I am not a student. (-) We just made the sentence negative simply by adding the word not after the verb be. Now look at this chart and learn the form of negative.
More examples:
I am not a student.
You are not an actor/actress.
You are not a cloun.
He is not a carpenter
She is not an engineer.
It is not a chair.

Be negative (-) in the present tense
Subject + verb + not

Singular Plural
I am not We are not
You are not You are not
He is not They are not
She is not
It is not

See how it is easy to make it negative ? It's not that complicated. Do you remember this from the previous lesson
am = to be (used with singular subject pronouns )
is = to be (used with singular subject pronouns )
are = to be (used with plural and singular subject pronouns) ( ' You ' is singular and plural)

Example sentences - Singular
I am I am not from India.
I am from Indonesia
You are You are not twenty years old.
You are fifteen.
He is He is not from here.
He is an alian.
She is She is not a woman.
She is a girl
It is It is not a table.
It is a chair.
Example sentences - Plural
We are We are not happy anymore.
We are sad.
You are You are not living together yet.
You are living apart.
They are They are not my friends.
They are stangers to me. (I don't know them)
Here are some example sentences with positive and negative for you to practice.

I am a doctor. (+)
So I am not a nurse. (-)

I am spiderman.
I am not catwoman.

You are smart.
You are not full.

You are an American.
So you are not an Indian.

He is interesting.
So he is not boring.

He is my husband.
He is not my brother.

She is catwoman.
She is not supergirl.

She is my sister.
She is not my wife.

It is cold today.
It is not hot today.

It is pen.
It is not a pencil.

We are robots. (+)
We are not humans. (-)

We are happy.
We are not sad or mad anymore.
You are complicated.
You are not easy to deal with.
They are my friends.
They are not stranger to me

They are not good people
So they are bad people . (Bad guys :-) )

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