Grammar - The articles

Welcome to lesson one on the grammar course. In this lesson, we are going to learn The Articles in English.

What are the articles?

Articles are words that define if something is specific or unspecific. The are two types of articles.
1. Definite ( the )
2. Indefinite ( a / an )

The definite article ' the '

The definite article ' the ' or you can simply say the word ' the ' is the most frequent word in English. ' The ' is used to refer to people or things that is known by you and the person or people you are
a ) talking to ( if it is a conversation between two people )
b ) writing to ( if it is a text )
c ) recording to ( if it is a video or sound ) or you can say the hearer/ listener, the reader knows what or who you are talking about. For example :
' Take the children to the house. ' In this sentence, both spouses know the children and the house (Because it is their children and their house )

The indefinite article a / an

Some basic rules ( but there are exceptions and other usages too) It's just for beginners.
1. We Use ( a/an ) before nouns.
Remember a noun is a
person: a boy or a girl
place: a country
thing: a table
animal: an elephant
2. Use ( a / an ) when you mention someone or something for the first time
for example:
. I saw a movie yesterday. The movie was interesting.
In the first part of the sentence, we used ' a movie ' because we were talking about it for the first time. And in the second part of the sentence, we used ' the movie ' because we talked about it already. That's why we used the definite 'the'.
Now 'a' and 'an' means the same and used with singular nouns. In English, we use 'a' before a word which starts with a consonant sound (b, c, d, f .......) and the word ' an ' before a word which begins with a vowel sound ( a, e, i, o, u).

For example:
examples with 'a ''
a book
This is a book.
a bank
Manel robbed a bank.

examples with 'an '
an orange
She ate an orange.
an engineer
He is an engineer.
Other usages of a / an
We also use a before a name of a meal, for example,
he has a lunch.
She gave a great breakfast for them this morning.

Some exeptions

The rule about indefinite articles is that use the article β€œa” before words that start with a consonant sound and β€œan” before words that start with a vowel sound for example

an - ' hour' = ( sounds like = our)
and 'honest' = ( sounds like = onest)
a - university, unit, uniform, unique ( the first letters of these words makes a ' yu ' )

There are more rules , exeptions and usages of articles. But we just learned enough for this lesson

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