Animals in English. Sea, wild and farm animals

Hello! Welcome to lesson five. In this lesson we are going to learn about animals, and what they eat, where they live. We will also talk a little bit about biology and ecology to truly understand why animals, humans or living things eat. So let's start.

Here are the lists of animals by category.

Wild animals

  • elephant
  • fox
  • squirrel
  • turtle
  • bear
  • buffalo
  • seal
  • flamingo
  • giraffe
  • crocodile
  • lion
  • tiger
  • hippo
  • jaguar
  • iguana
  • kangoroo
  • toucan
  • polar bear
  • penguin
  • panda
  • bear
  • vulture
  • ostrich
  • monkey
  • frog
  • parrot
  • zebra
  • gorilla
  • snake
  • eagle
  • rhino
  • wolf
  • koala
  • wild bear
  • owl

Farm animals

  • cow
  • horse
  • pig
  • rooster
  • dog
  • cat
  • mouse
  • donkey
  • sheep
  • goat
  • turkey
  • duck

Sea animals

  • penguin
  • crab
  • seagull
  • sea lion
  • seal
  • cormorant
  • otter
  • walrus
  • fish
  • dolphin
  • shark
  • pelican
  • whale
  • killer whale
  • shells
  • starfish
  • octopus
  • squid
  • sea turtle
  • jellyfish
  • lobster
  • seahorse
  • clams
  • coral

Where do animals live?

Ants live in the anthill.
Mice live in a hole.
Different type of mice live in different places.
Birds live in the nest.
Grasshoppers live in grass.
Bee lives in a beehive.
A dog lives in a doghouse.
Fish lives in water.
The frogs live in puddle.
Squirrel lives among trees.

What do animals and living things eat?

Now it's not a biology class. But in the previous lesson, we learned about foods and in this lesson we learned about animals. It's important to understand, why animals, humans and basically all living things eat. And what it means being alive? Well, we will talk about it in a few minutes. As you know it's a vocabulary course. And that's why I thought it would be useful if we learn about what we learned in more details. And it's just good to know your own nature and how we all living things depend on each other.

So we learned about foods and animals. And now we are going to learn more about them. In order to better understand why we and animals need food , let's talk a little bit about biology and ecology. What is ecology?
The word ecology comes from the two Greek words. '' OIKOS' and 'LOGOS'
OIKOS = house, home ( our home = the planet earth)
LOGOS = the study of
ecology means the study of our home. (the planet earth)
And biology means.
bio = life or living. and
logos = the study of.
the study of life.
It's more complex than this, but that's what we all learn in our first biology class. They are big science concepts on their own, that we discovered till now so far. There are sciences that we aware of or heard, maybe learned at school.We know that they exist even though we don't know much if we don't study.But there are also sciences that we don't even know that we don't know. Shortly biology and ecology are complex and difficult to study. Let's get to the point.

Food chain

Now all living things need energy in order to live. And they get this energy from the food that they eat. All the food chain starts with plants. Plants are called 'producers'. They produce their own food from sunlight, water, and the nutrition that they get from the soil. Animals are called consumers. Because they can not prepare their own food. They are dependent directly or indirectly on plants. For example :
example 1
1. rabbits eat grass to get energy.
2. deer eat grass to get energy.
They get energy directly from grass by eating them, (that's what we mean by saying directly dependent)
example 2 Eagles eat rabbits to get energy or to live .So they eat things that eat grass/ plants. (this is what we mean by saying indirectly dependent )
Some animals eat only plants for example rabbits. And some animals eat plants and other animals(meat). And some other animals eat only animals.
Animals that eat only plants to get energy are called 'herbivores'
For example - deer, cows, elephants, rabbits, zebras, giraffes.
Animals that eat both plants and other animals to get energy are called omnivores.
For example - bears ( except panda - because the pandas eat only bamboos) and monkeys etc...
Animals that eat only animals to get energy are called carnivores.
For example - tigers, lions, snakes etc..
that's how energy is being transformed from a living thing to another. That's all for this lessons and thank you for reading this.
If you want to learn more about biology visit Khan academy If you want to teach kids about food chain and food web here is a video on Youtube Click here for youtube video

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