The Alphabet

Hello! Welcome to lesson one. In this lesson we will learn the English Alphabet or the ABC's.So let's get started.

Part one

In the English Alphabet there are 26 letters.And each letter has an uppercase and a lowercase letters. So here is the alphabet.Let's look at the board

In the alphabet, there are two different types of letters.Vowels and consonants. There are 5 main vowels and a special vowel.The other letters are consonants.


" a , e , i , o, u " and sometimes "y"
To remember vowels you can say : a , e , i ,o , u and sometimes y .
They are very special letters that can make more than one sound


b, c, d, f, g, h, j, k, l, m, n, p ,q , r , s ,t , v , w , x , z
We will learn about vowels and consonants more later on, in our grammar course

Now watch teacher Tom.

Here is teacher Tom's youtube channel.

Part two

Uppercase and lowercase letters

Each letter has a big and little version of itself called uppercase and lowercase.

Look at the uppercase letters (meaning big letters)

Look at the lowercase letters (meaning little letters)

Do you see how they look a little different?